Dan Video Headshot Philly Game Changers: Glass-U with Daniel Fine

Christopher Plant steps into the NEU headquarters to get an exclusive interview with CEO and Founder Dan Fine. Check out the video on Youtube.

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A serial entrepreneur four times over despite having just graduated from Wharton in May '15, Fine's latest company, founded in 2012, makes foldable sunglasses and licenses them to music festivals and sports events like Lollapalooza and the FIFA World Cup.

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Being a licensee of the world’s largest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup, is something most companies don’t expect until they’re all grown up. But Glass-U could make that boast while just a startup. And it can say the same thing about the Rose Bowl, South by Southwest, Lollapalooza and more top-tier events.

6.11.2015 logo How Your Startup Can Win Big at Coachella and Bonnaroo

Festivals...have become a great way for startups to grab massive social and old-school media exposure, cool-kid credibility, and, increasingly, funding. But don’t expect to waltz in and start selling. There are rules for vendors--even those doing guerrilla marketing--at these events. This festival field guide will help you choose the best one for your company.

Philly Mag logo Why These Five Startups Are Staying in Philly

I've chosen to stay in Philly for a few reasons, all of which revolve around my business. For starters, our roots are here along with most of our employees and team. Secondly, it's a much more affordable place to build a company. And lastly, I'm incredibly passionate about enabling students with interest in startups to gain experience and be a part of something...

The DP logo The Penn Ten: A Brother, A Business Man, A Balancing Act

He may be the most sociable student at Penn. He knows the name of the swiping lady at Pottruck and fist bumps the burrito woman at Chipotle. He is obsessed with socks. He wore a raccoon hat during his NSO and introduced himself to everyone. He may also be the busiest person on campus. A Wharton senior, Dan Fine has founded four businesses...

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You don't need a pair of Glass-U glasses to recognize this entrepreneurial frat bro at Smokes. You could check out his feature in the New York Times, but you should probably read this instead.

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Daniel Fine is the founder and chief executive of Glass-U, a two-year-old, 10-employee maker of foldable sunglasses bearing the licensed brands of universities, music festivals like Lollapalooza, and the World Cup soccer...

11.20.2014 Philly Logo Student Entrepreneurship is ‘Not a Science'

Wednesday evening's panel convened a handful of Philadelphia's most successful college entrepreneurs, offering lessons learned...When asked how to take your idea and turn it into a product, Fine was quick to answer, “Stop talking and go and actually build something. Talk to people around you. Make wireframes. Draw your app on paper and show it to people...

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Students itching for a cheap pair of Wayfarer sunglasses with their frat's logo on the side have their needs covered thanks to one entrepreneurial 21-year-old. Daniel Fine, a rising senior at...

Philly Magazine Logo Best of Philly 2014: The Best Philadelphians

At 11, inspired by his diabetic brother, Fine launched a nonprofit to raise money for juvenile diabetes. Now he runs Glass-U (among other enterprises), which makes customizable, fully foldable sunglasses so cool that he scored a licensing deal with FIFA as the official shades for this year’s World Cup.

Elite Daily Logo The College Senior Who Took A Dorm Room Startup To The World Cup Main Stage

Daniel Fine was 12 years old when his younger brother, Jake, was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes. “That was the beginning for me,” Fine reflects.

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Big brands take note. A one-year-old customized sunglasses business started by a Wharton undergraduate managed to become an official World Cup sunglasses licensee, by way of a partnership with a larger apparel and accessories company it declined to identify. Daniel Fine, a senior who turned 21 last week, said he started Glass-U out of his dorm room...

Campus Philly Logo “I’m the Oldest and I’m 22″: A Philly Startup Story

“I’m the oldest and I’m 22.” Yuval Yarden, Director of Operations at Glass-U, stated this in a matter-of-fact manner, as if it wasn’t astonishing that a company whose accolades include being the official licenser of sunglasses for the World Cup would be run by people who were barely old enough...

The DP Logo Startup Scores with FIFA World Cup Contract

You’ll be reminded of Penn every time the cameras sweep the stands during this summer’s 2014 World Cup. Earlier this month, startup Glass-U secured a contract with the Federation Internationale de Football Association to distribute sunglasses during the summer’s World Cup in Brazil. Wharton junior Daniel Fine is the founder and CEO of Glass-U... which designs and manufactures custom foldable sunglasses.

MetroUS Logo Folding Sunglasses Company Gets FIFA's Prized World Cup Contract

Funky folding sunglasses created by a company started by a Penn student will soon be rocking the craniums of soccer fans from Philly to Belo Horizonte, Brazil. On Tuesday, Glass-U is officially announcing that they...

Bloomberg Logo Nine Hot New B-School Startups From Competition Season

It’s a rite of the spring semester: Universities across the country dribble out small amounts of cash to student-run startups that prevail in entrepreneurship competitions. $10,000: To Daniel Fine, an undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, to develop his company, Glass-U, which sells folding sunglasses designed to appeal to members... of college fraternities and sororities.

4.02.2014 Philly Logo Dorm Room Fund Invests in Sunglasses Company Glass-U

First Round Capital‘s Philly Dorm Room Fund announced its investment in Glass-U, a sunglasses company founded by Penn student Dan Fine. The company, which spokeswoman Yuval Yarden said is moving toward doing more ecommerce sales, works out of First Round Capital’s University City headquarters.

Dorm Room Fund Logo Glass-U: Becoming The Ultimate Fan Company

If you recently attended events such as South By Southwest, Lollapalooza, the Rose Bowl, or MusikFest, you might have noticed fans walking around with colorful, fully-folding sunglasses. With high profile sponsorships secured and tens of thousands of glasses already sold, it is hard to believe these nifty glasses are...produced by a student-founded company...

12.20.2013 Logo Student Entrepreneur Sees Bright Future in Sunglasses

DANIEL FINE, 20, of University City, a junior at Penn's Wharton School, is the founder and CEO of Team Brotherly Love, the Fine Cos. and the Millennial Fund. Last year, he started Glass-U, a sunglass company. Entrepreneurs' Organization named him one of the world's top 30 young entrepreneurs. He plans to launch a firm called Dosed next year.

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Ready to meet the next Steve Jobs? Mark Zuckerberg? Mrs. Fields?... This premier global competition showcases students that own and run a business while simultaneously taking a full course load...

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Wharton Junior Daniel Fine is not a behind-the-scenes kind of guy around campus. Sitting or walking with him around Penn is like walking with the class president, though in his case everyone who waves, smiles or shakes his hand genuinely seems happy to see him. He has also made a name for himself in entrepreneurial circles on campus. Wharton Magazine first...