We care greatly about your eyes, so all of our glasses are UV400. What that means is that all sunlight up to 400 nanometers in wavelength (a nanometer is 10-9 meters for those of you who need a review of your SI prefixes) can be blocked by the lenses. Since ultraviolet (UV) rays conveniently come in wavelengths of up to 400nm in length, that means that the lenses block 100% of all harmful light from the sun.
All of our e-commerce software is provided by Shopify, which provides Level 1 PCI compliant web hosting. This compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard indicates that Shopify goes to great lengths to protect your credit card data and prevent fraud. Rest easy…your data is secure.
We appreciate your interest in fair labor practices. Our product is indeed Free Labor Association (FLA) certified and meets all of their standards for fair labor practices.
There's free shipping on any order of two pairs or more. For individual pairs, however, you do have to pay for shipping.
Oh, so you've heard about the whale, have you? Well if you had not, now you have. It takes determination, resolve, and cunning to find the whale hidden on the Glass-U website...but we'll be nice and give you a little hint: try searching around on a few of our product pages for the hidden portal that will take you to the whale's domain. Best of luck, and may the odds be in your favor!
We can produce glasses using any color from the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Accordingly, the color options are nearly unlimited, allowing you to pick that perfect shade of burgundy, or just the right hue of sapphire blue.
Everything but the kitchen sink. No seriously, leave the sink alone…we only handle glasses. You can pick any color of your choosing for both the insides and the outside of the frames, and insides and outsides of the left and right arms. You can place your logo on the left temple. Further, if you want, you can add to the arms a design of stripes, polka dots, zigzags, etc….if you can name it, we probably can do it. Stay tuned for our grand entry into the customized kitchen sink business, though.
Yes, if you would really like to print a design on the lens, we are able to do that for you as well. But be careful, we want to make sure you can still see.
Oh yeah. Polarized lenses are indeed an option, though they add a bit to the price. For those of you who don’t know, polarized lenses reduce glare reflected off of surfaces like a glistening lake or shimmering asphalt, making them perfect for boaters, bikers, fishers, golfers, runners, and the like. Contact us to discuss how substituting polarized lenses for our standard lenses will affect your pricing.
Certainly. We save all of our old designs, so if you let us know which design you would like to reorder, we can make that happen for you..
Certainly, all good things in life have their limits. But not at NEU! Feel free to order as many as you would like.
In order to get the best deal, our suggested minimum on NEU products is 24. For custom-made glasses, the suggested minimum order size is 500 pairs. However, we do our best to try to cater to smaller orders. For orders of size less than 500, another alternative is to choose a design from our list of generic pairs, and we can pad print your requested design. For more info, feel free to contact us.
The price per pair of glasses is only affected by the size of the order. The smaller the order, the higher the price per pair. For more information about pricing, visit our Custom page