Why Philly is Dope and How It's Helped Us

You know that Philly is the city of Brotherly Love; but did you know that it’s also the city of HUSTLE! Our city has a history of self-made entrepreneurs, a history of revolutionary ideas, and an ever-changing sky-line that begs to be filled with brilliance. Nested between the nation’s capital and the world’s largest metropolis, the Birthplace of America is a mecca of history, knowledge, and innovation. It’s easy to see how we attract an influx of millennials and the young hustle types you often find in startups.

We carry the torch of the Founding Fathers who invented revolutionary hustle, and their spirit still runs through our veins like water through the Schuykill. However, we’re not just rogue rebellious children, throwing a tantrum with no cause - we revolt, but we also research and reinvent! Philadelphians embrace the knowledge-seekers who want to change the world. Our prestigious universities create learning opportunities not only for students, but also for the entire community.

While receiving a well-deserved facelift over the last couple decades, Philadelphia has maintained a grind it out, fast-paced, hustle hard mentality that permeates the city. Whether it’s the die-hard sports fans or the well-connected startup scene, the City of Brotherly Love is full of go-getters who have each others backs.

As Philly continues to grow, it also continues to catalyze NEU’s growth. As hard as it is to bring the NEU vision to reality, we’ve learned to bring that grit into developing our brand and the brands we work with. We’ve built a culture in which we take pride in our early beginnings and we’re equally proud to help fans and brands show their own pride in representing their team, city, or organization.

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