NEU Insights: Brand Awareness


You are prepared to monitor the site engagement of your customers, but how do you build that audience? You go where your customers are!  Customers often get the first impression of your brand through your social media platforms making social the fastest and the cheapest way to connect to your consumer base. It’s important to see in real-time what your audience cares about most and what their interests are. Your social networks allow you to better segment your audience and understand your target demographics. The most important thing when it comes to brand awareness is knowing where your customers are coming into contact with the brand and how effectively that interaction is driving traffic and conversions to your website. With social media, you get a broad reach at low cost.

Understanding the nuances of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can go a long way in increasing conversions. With a massive audience and a robust ads manager, Facebook dominates as the lead social commerce platform. It provides built-in event promotion tools and a native shopping feed that allows potential customers to check out a full catalog of products without leaving the platform. Instagram’s high focus on strong visual content makes it the go-to app for millennials. Along with Facebook-esque advertising options, Instagram provides the popular Carousel Ads and Shoppable photo tags to allow your followers access to your shop through their newsfeed.  This type of ad allows viewers to swipe through multiple images posted as one ad. Not to be outdone, Twitter is looking to add the well-liked Carousel Ads from Instagram and Facebook. Twitter has also added a buy button that allows you to release new products in tweet form for all of your followers to enjoy. If you still aren’t convinced these features can take your brand to the next level, I'll let the numbers speak for themselves:

78% of consumers said that a brand’s social media posts influence their purchases

1 in every 10 online purchase comes from social channels

By 2018,  The number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach 2.5 Billion 

As you can see, the features are awesome and the numbers don't lie, but it’s critical to draw a clear line between sharing and selling. You want to be providing content your followers want to see and are interested in rather than consistently pushing irrelevant products and promotions. To maximize output, you have to know both which source your customers are coming from and how to best use that platform to drive conversions.

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