Dreams Do Come True This Holiday Season


Little Cody hurled the covers off and shot downstairs into the smell of fresh pines, both from the brimming tree in his family living room and the crisp Vermont chill the other side of the frosted windows. He rushed back upstairs full of joy, jumping on his parents’ bed to jolt them awake, the lot all slowly following in his wake back down the stairs where Cody already sat cross-legged in red and green striped pajamas by the fireplace. He ripped the wrapping paper off his first present in a haste, his heart dropping slightly, merely out of confusion at its contents.

“Merry Christmas, son!” Cody’s father stated firmly.

“Uh, what is it Dad?” Little Cody asked.

“It’s an abacus. For counting. It’s a great tool all future accountants should have. And it’s high time we get you started on the right path.”

“But I want to be a male model when I grow up!”

“Son, only the top one percent of one percent of people ever make it as models. It’s time to put the dreams aside and focus on a real career- like finance.”

“Dad, I’m six.”

Fast forward some 20 years later to 2016 and Cody traded in his abacus for financial models to head up Accounting here at NEU. He’s great with numbers. Best there is. Maybe the best there ever was. But you can tell there’s something missing.

At his desk, he often stares off dazedly at the magazine clippings of Giorgio Armani and the likes, strung all above his monitor. In his eyes you can see there’s a certain longing for something more. Josh even says he once saw a single tear roll down Cody’s cheek as he deleted a spam email with pictures of surly male models in pea coats.

But alas, if Little Cody had only known what was coming his way the other week.

We were in a time crunch for content of a NEU product for a presentation and retail catalogue. We had a great photographer and graphic designer, even a shoot director, but it was too late to hire a model! However in a flash of collective lightbulbs popping on above all our heads in the office, we slowly turned in unison to face Cody. He rose out of his chair, choking back tears of joy.

“You mean, after all this time, I can finally be a male model?" 

“You always have been,” Murray said, his own eyes becoming foggy.

And just look at the results!


What a natural.


And that jawline?!


 At NEU, this holiday season we’re extremely grateful to have Cody on our team. And proud to have made Little Cody’s dream finally come true.

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