First Post: What's NEU?


With great enthusiasm, we here at NEU are excited to announce the launch of our company blog, which we are entitling The NEUstand.  In this space, we hope to give readers an inside look at the day-to-day operations of the company.

We are all just a group of young people working hard to run a startup based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and we hope that through these posts we can provide a realistic take on what it is like to run a startup which consists of individuals that epitomize young hustle.

Started out of a college dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2012, Glass-U aims to provide the world with quality, custom, fully-folding sunglasses, as well as flashy originals and licensed products all at an affordable price.

Having launched at the 2013 Rose Bowl, and as the official sunglasses provider for the FIFA World Cup, we have had our fair share of adventures along the way, and we are looking forward to sharing more as they come. As we continued to grow as a company, we also outgrew our name and have rebranded as NEU. We now serve as the all around brand for fans providing everything from our popular sunglasses to the freshest custom products you could imagine.

For people who are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or joining a startup, we hope the posts and stories that we share can help provide some special insight.  For our biggest fans, we hope to provide a behind the scenes look into what goes into our products. For everyone else, we welcome you to join along for the ride as well.

We encourage you to leave comments on each post, which will be moderated simply with the intention of promoting a respectable discourse.   If you at any point you have any questions, recommendations, or requests, we invite you to email us directly.

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